Read and write John Deere models with PHOENIX L40 ECU through OBD.

A new and exclusive release dedicated to remapping professionals in the tractor sector.

Thanks to New Genius serial protocol Flash_0877, now you can intervene on PHOENIX L40 Ecus fitted on John Deere 8R-RT-RX MY22 equipped with 9.0L Power Tech engines.

With this latest innovation, read and write the control unit of the new John Deere 8 series in a simple, fast and risk-free way thanks to the ease of use of New Genius. No need to be in the workshop to operate: connect to the OBD port, follow the device's instructions and work without the need for a PC or power supply, in full autonomy, avoiding annoying downtime. Optimize performance and fuel consumption by managing engine parameters with Race Evo and fulfill your tuning idea.

Start working on the new John Deere vehicles now and grow your business.
John Deere PowerTech 9.0l

Why is it so important to intervene on the electronic management of this engine?

A long series of latest generation applications is equipped with the new John Deere branded powertrain thanks to its class-leading performance. An unmissable opportunity for professionals who, like you, work on these vehicles, allowing you to access the parameters to carry out remapping, repair and diagnosis operations: optimize your work and that of your customer!!