Ecomotive Solutions proposes the ideal Diesel Dual Fuel technology for vehicle’s owners as well as professional transporters, permitting improvements in the fuel economy while helping the environment. A range of solutions aimed at supporting light commercial & heavy duty vehicles, marine applications and energy production has been released in the years.
Thanks to the expertise and skills acquired at the Holdim group, which - since 1991 – is involved in the electronic management of the engine working, the company is able to offer innovative ‘made in Italy’ products, qualified training and technical support throughout the world.

The d-gid system is an innovative system allowing to fuel diesel engines with a mixture of diesel oil and natural gas (CNG compressed natural gas, LNG liquefied natural gas, Biomethane, Syngas, etc.), d-gid Control Unit determines the amount of diesel fuel injected and air/gas mixture dosage dynamically, modifying it in real time according to the feedback provided by the engine to guarantee perfect operational conditions.
d-gid manages and controls the quantity of diesel fuel injected, which is reduced up to 80-90% (in steady conditions). The average substitution rate in dynamic working conditions is 40-50%. d-gid substitution rate strategy aims at keeping the engine performance unvaried, although variations could technically be set for specific needs. Substitution ratio varies according to the engine working conditions and gas characteristics.


Two different systems for the storage of natural gas on board, but a single, unique management platform able to control both with equal efficacy. D-gid supports both CNG and LNG storage systems, thus allowing the most suitable vehicle configuration according to the local infrastructure and gas availability. A versatility that enhances the chance to convert your vehicles and does not constrain to choose today what the fuel of tomorrow will be.