Second generation settings for BOSCH EDC16U34

Today we make available new second generation settings files to get the most out of your calibrations on BOSCH EDC16U34 ECUs, installed on VAG group vehicles, on 1.9/2.0 diesel engines.

We enable you to work on more effective tuning operations, extending your range of action up to 48 engine parameter management maps

with PATCH:

  • EGR valve closure


  • FAP/DPF deletion
  • Total EGR valve deletion,
  • Popcorn/hardcut limiter activation
  • Hot start problem fix
  • Engine protection set modification
  • Throttle valve actuator deletion

for vehicle repair and much more. Race Evo software joins the diagnostic tools already in use in the workshops, allowing the operator to carry out targeted operations on individual trouble codes stored in the engine control unit reducing intervention time and costs. ‘Options’ further customize the drive experience and act in the core of the problem helping Professionals to selectively operate only when needed, even avoiding end customers to have an entire package of components replaced, in some cases.

The essential structure of the settings file

  • Period
  • Injection
  • Lambda/AFR
  • Smoke
  • Torque
  • Boost pressure
  • EGR
  • Additional maps
  • Rpm
  • Engine protection
  • Options

Control unit equipment EDC16U34


  • A3 (8P)
  • A4 (B7/8E/8H)
  • A6 (C5/B4)


  • ALTEA (5P)
  • LEON (1P)
  • TOLEDO (5P)


  • OCTAVIA (1U)
  • SUPERB (B5)


  • BORA A5
  • CADDY (2K)
  • EOS
  • GOLF 5 (A5)
  • JETTA 5 (A5)
  • PASSAT 5 (B5/B5.5)
  • PASSAT 6 (B6)
  • SHARAN 1
  • TOURAN (1T)
  • VENTO (A5)

Race Evo software view:

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