Dimsport's Spanish branch office was founded on the same guiding principles of the Dimsport head office in Italy and prides itself on its committed staff that is passionate about tuning engines.

Dimsport took its first steps in Spain back in 1994 when it created the facility where Dimsport Spain S.L. is currently housed.

We avail ourselves of a group of technical engineers, graduates in diverse sectors and a powerful commercial network that enables us to adeptly manage the market of the Iberian Peninsula.

In line with this type of national market and the philosophy of our company, we have always aimed to meet a threefold objective:

  • reinforce the brand and Dimsport products;
  • provide technical and engineering support for companies and groups;
  • supply services to the end customer.


This approach is made concrete through a complete line of products and services for the automobile sector that has led us to collaborate in diverse areas:

  • trade publications;
  • official brands (of production and limited series vehicles and prototypes);
  • competitions;
  • universities;
  • government agencies;
  • federations and automobile workshop associations;
  • automotive homologation and testing entities/institutes.

We currently boast a network of 60 Master category workshops and a framework comprising 180 workshops throughout Spain.

Passion, innovation, technology and excellence