RAPID COMING SOON: Rapid FR new tool

Dimsport is working on the development of the brand new RAPID FR, the add-on module designed to improve the throttle response. The new module can work not only on petrol and diesel vehicles, but also on bi-fuel, naturally aspirated petrol engines, hybrid and electric cars, making our Tuning Line application list much more complete.

The first ever Plug&Play solution that can handle all major technologies available, including Sent systems. RAPID FR integrates controls for 4 different driving modes, each of which allow up to 7 different settings. With its smart design, top quality materials and switchable connectors separated from the main hardware, RAPID FR is the smart solution for both end users and professional tuners.

Presented as a prototype model at Autosport International 2019, the new RAPID FR will be available on the market this spring.

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